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Investment Strategy

We provide early-growth stage capital to transformational venture-backed technology businesses.

We believe in partnering with the very best entrepreneurs and top-tier early-stage investors to help build enduring technology companies.

We strive to partner with companies early in their journeys, typically at the Series B and Series C stage, and we support our companies through all market cycles.

We operate under the premise that the only way to build a world class business is to always put the company first. We believe this ethos optimizes outcomes for our companies and Limited Partners alike.

Flexible Approach. Consistent Results.

We believe you have to earn the right to be part of the best companies, and we’ve worked hard to become a leading provider of capital for early-growth stage businesses.

We’re active investors who typically lead financings, but we’re willing to follow. Our flexibility maximizes the opportunities for us to partner with the very best companies.

We’ll always work tirelessly to help our portfolio companies become category-defining leaders, whether we’re on the board or a co-investor.

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Sequoia National Park, 2017. Photo by Ben Boyer

Cohesive Team.    For the Long Term.

An equal partnership employing a collaborative investment process.

We have an equal partnership to simplify decision making and ensure we work as a team to help create value for our portfolio companies.

We’ve built this partnership around the concept of “like, trust, and respect” and we look for entrepreneurs who share those same values.

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At A Glance

Investment Stage

Early-growth stage, typically partnering with companies in their second institutional or later rounds.

Investment Size

Flexible check size ranging from $5 - $20 million and supporting companies throughout their lifecycles.

Financing Role

Typically lead and often active on the board, but we'll always do what's best for the company.


100+ investments across Consumer and Enterprise Technology, with dozens of exits via industry-changing acquisitions and iconic IPOs.


Offices in the Bay Area and Wellesley, MA, but we're happy to get on a plane to partner with the best companies.

Fund Background

We are currently investing from our seventh fund – a $450 million vehicle raised in 2015.