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Statuspast - Acquired by Akami Technologies (02/2020)
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Provides a digital experience cloud that dramatically improves web application consumer experience, engagement and revenue.

Founded in 2010, Instart helps thousands of leading brands around the world deliver a faster, safer, and more profitable digital experience. Their digital experience cloud helps global enterprises improve the performance, consumer experience, and security of their cloud, web and mobile applications - driving higher revenue and better customer satisfaction.

Companies selling online will enjoy 5-8% higher revenue after deploying the Instart platform. Media and publishing firms will see 3-20% higher digital advertising revenue. Cloud and mobile applications for the global 2000 will run 20% to 80% faster, look better, and be safer. Instart’s digital experience cloud combines artificial intelligence, application, and device awareness, to automatically provide the best possible experience for every consumer on every device and network.

Tenaya Team