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Taykey opens Trends Advertising targeting to programmatic

Advertisers can combine cookie-based audiences with Taykey's real-time trends data to automatically target audiences reading and sharing relevant content.

New York-based Taykey is making its real-time audience trend data available to programmatic buyers with a new self-service interface and the ability to integrate with DSPs (demand-side platforms).

DSPs and agency trading desks can tap into Taykey’s Trend Advertising platform to mix their own audience targets with Taykey’s trend data for targeting specific content in real time. Until now, Taykey offered a managed service in which buyers sent audience targets via insertion order, and Taykey would match those targets with its trend data for targeting on the Google Display Network.

“Fragmentation and the unpredictability of audience interest is making it difficult for programmatic brand buyers to target quality, relevant content at scale,” said Taykey founder and CEO Amit Avner in a statement. “By bringing real-time trend data into today’s programmatic workflow, we can deliver the quality of a private exchange with the reach and cost efficiency of an open exchange.”

How it works
1. Buyers plug their audience targets — demographics and interests — into the self-serve console.
2. Taykey monitors the content that’s trending for those audiences in real time.
3. Specific trending URLs for articles and videos across the web are sent to the buyer’s DSP for targeting and are continuously updated.

For example, an advertiser builds a Millennial female music lover segment in the Taykey platform. Taykey begins to surface relevant trends for that audience and identifies specific articles and videos across the web that reference those trends. The specific URLs for that content get sent to the buyer’s DSP for targeting.

The idea behind mixing trend targeting with demographics is that it allows advertisers to reach target prospects in the moments that are relevant based on what people are reading and sharing about a topic, going beyond relatively blunt demographic criteria.

Taykey offers an integration with DoubleClick Bid Manager at launch and says it plans to integrate with other platforms throughout the year.

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