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JOANN Stores Leverages Data-Driven Email To Boost Online Orders 150%

By unifying and harnessing shopper data across its platforms and stores, JOANN Stores reaped a key benefit: revitalizing its customer reactivation and welcome email campaigns. The campaigns have been a major success: new welcome emails have boosted online orders by more than 150%, while the improved reactivation campaigns have driven a more than 3X response rate.

Since partnering with AgilOne, a customer data platform, JOANN Stores has:

  • Improved targeting through analyzing data from multiple touch points, including online browsing and social posts;

  • Integrated Euclid Analytics to capture in-store WiFi data; and

  • “Gamified” its emails, enabling the retailer to gather more shopper information via surveys.

JOANN’s welcome campaigns have evolved into multi-touch engagements designed to follow the path to each customer’s history. The reactivation campaigns now use a data model designed to identify customers at high risk of attrition, engaging these customers with hyper-relevant messaging and offers across multiple points of interaction to win them back.

Diving Into Data, Both Deep And Wide

“We had very deep data on our customers, but not very wide data,” Steve Miller, VP of Marketing and Business Development at JOANN Stores. “I say this because down to the item level, we had exactly what they bought, what their favorite color was and what cluster of shopper they were. But for us, the problem was, we didn’t have a good idea what they were doing across multiple digital touch points. So I didn’t know that ‘Steve Miller,’ in addition to having come to shop at a JOANN store 12 times in the past year, had been browsing the sewing machine or the paper-crafting section of the web site for hours every day.”

But the platform gives Miller and the JOANN team the opportunity to capture consumer data at all these points, including social media posts and traffic measured by in-store WiFi from Euclid Analytics.

“In this competitive age, digital retailers need these tools at their disposal so that they can rise to the occasion when opportunities present themselves,” Miller said. “The perfect example for us is Euclid. We had no idea we wanted to integrate with them when we implemented AgilOne, but six months in, we realized we had all this great WiFi data when people sign in to our WiFi in-store. Because we’ve integrated that data and are using it to retarget people who don’t end up shopping with us, that’s given us a huge ROI boost and enabled us to use rich data across the whole customer journey.”

Preparing Welcome And Reactivation Campaigns

This data collected throughout the shopper journey provides context to new consumer interactions, which is very important for JOANN whenever it tracks shoppers that join the company’s email or text database. Before the retailer sends another email out to the consumer, JOANN now analyzes whether the consumer has made a purchase, what product they bought or if they’re taking a class within the store. The crafts and fabrics retailer even leverages this data to partner with third parties to gamify the welcome series emails.

“A couple weeks into being on our email list, we’ll send a shopper an email that says, ‘Win a $500 JOANN gift card by playing in this game where you take these actions,’” Miller said. “A lot of these actions will be surveys where we learn more about them. In some cases, [the action might be] checking in at a store with their mobile app.”

The process for building out a reactivation campaign is similar, in that the retailer leverages previous purchase and browsing data to decide how best to reactivate a shopper.

“We’re not going to reactivate all customers the same,” Miller said. “A customer who is a very traditional shopper that only buys fabric is reactivated differently than a customer who has come in once, bought a few craft items and hasn’t come back. For us, that’s a different archetype of customer and we want to reach out to them in a different way.”

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