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How ThousandEyes Delivers Improved Network Visibility and Resilience for Enterprises

Cloud adoption is growing exponentially as more organizations seek to tap the agility, scalability, and cost benefits of the cloud. In fact, according to IDC’s multiclient study, CloudView 2016, 58% of organizations surveyed have moved their applications and workloads off premises and onto the cloud, showing a 24% increase from the previous survey. This rapid adoption of the cloud is driven by the need to improve resource utilization and staff productivity, as well as the need to keep up with the ever-increasing data demands of today’s digital enterprise.

Deployments of cloud-based solutions, especially cloud communications solutions, are expected to grow further as companies become increasingly connected. But in order to effectively explore the full benefits of cloud applications, they have to be secure. And to achieve this, organizations need to have a robust network infrastructure in place, one that is attuned to the modern business environment and truly delivers high-performance and secure networking.

SourceForge recently spoke with Nick Kephart, the Senior Director of Product Management at ThousandEyes, to discuss why network monitoring is crucial to the success of enterprises, and how ThousandEyes can help these businesses gain better visibility across the board.

The Importance of Network Monitoring

The first step to ensuring a business achieves the desired results and performance of its hardware and software infrastructure is understanding its network. It’s crucial for organizations to proactively monitor their networks so they can quickly recognize and respond to conditions that may negatively affect network performance. Below are some of the important benefits of network performance monitoring:

  • Avoid losses – Any degradation of services or downtime can already have a significant impact on business revenue and quality of experience for end users and customers. In fact, an hour of critical application failure can cost a Fortune 1000 enterprise anywhere from US$500,000 to US$1 million, according to a research survey by IDC. By regularly monitoring the health and performance of enterprise networks, organizations can avoid any losses caused by network or system failures.
  • Enable fast troubleshooting – With the help of network monitoring tools, a business can enable faster troubleshooting and quickly pick up on a problem before it causes too much trouble. For example, if a team experiences audio or video lag while in a video conference, using a network monitoring tool will allow support teams to pinpoint the cause of the issue, helping them to instantly take corrective action to minimize potential downtime.
  • Better understanding of long-term trends – Another benefit of proactive network monitoring is that you can easily keep track of certain trends in the performance of your network. Constant monitoring helps reveal where software or hardware updates are needed as well as whether you’ll be needing additional bandwidth capacity at peak times or in the future.
  • Improve network security – Having in-depth visibility into a company’s network activity also helps IT teams detect security threats. This is because network monitoring tools have the ability to offer valuable insight into the source and nature of all types of traffic that flows across the network. This means any malicious network activity can easily be spotted and blocked before they could turn into larger issues in the future.

Ensuring Better Network Visibility and Resilience with ThousandEyes

Network performance monitoring solutions have become important tools for today’s cloud-dependent enterprise teams. But while these solutions are excellent at giving organizations a peek into the things happening in-house, as networks evolve and become more complex, these traditional solutions may not be powerful enough to give businesses a complete picture of what’s required to manage their infrastructure for maximum performance and reliability.

Enter ThousandEyes. A network intelligence platform, ThousandEyes aims to provide businesses immediate visibility into their own network, the internet, and the cloud, enabling organizations to troubleshoot faster, monitor application delivery, and get truly actionable insights. Traditional performance management products are generally blind to everything outside the corporate firewall. ThousandEyes, on the other hand, extend visibility outside a company’s network and into the public internet. According to Nick Kephart, Sr. Director of Product Management at ThousandEyes, their platform is being deployed across the board, with 5/5 of the top global software companies using it.

Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, ThousandEyes collects performance data from every perspective: enterprise agents, cloud agents as a service, and endpoint agents. Cloud agents are located at major metros and key locations across the internet. They actively track the paths a business’ apps traverse. Enterprise agents, which are deployed in data centers, offices, stores, and factories, give businesses crystal clear vantage points into their network. While, endpoint agents are deployed on employee desktops or laptops, in the office, at home, or on the road and offer organizations an insight into user experience on a business’ apps and networks. Together, these agents give businesses a comprehensive view of their network, plus with the option to examine each individual segment in detail, regardless of how the network is designed or how it will change over time.

How ThousandEyes Can Help Enterprises Meet Network Performance Goals

  • Application Delivery – Through ThousandEyes cloud agents, enterprises can actively examine every step of app delivery across the internet and into self-hosted and third-party infrastructure. Here, users can easily relate various metrics such as website availability and load times with underlying network performance.
  • Enterprise WAN and LAN – With enterprise and endpoint agents, admin can identify whether branches have MPLS, VPN or direct internet connections. It’s also easy to spot bandwidth bottlenecks, quality of service changes, across your own network and your ISPs. Then correlate this data with the performance of VoIP, email, and on-premises apps.
  • Cloud Migration – Enterprise and endpoint agents deployed across the network also enable businesses to enjoy a smoother cloud migration. Here, it’s possible to monitor infrastructure and SaaS performance, plan new rollouts, or streamline network architecture, optimize performance from WAN to LAN, and quickly detect performance issues that may impact a certain wireless network, connectivity, or critical cloud service like Salesforce or Office 365.
  • VoIP Monitoring – Another area where ThousandEyes can help businesses is VoIP and UCaaS monitoring. “The main complaint from customers about their internal networks (in particular branch networks) is usually voice or video monitoring services…they have frustrations and troubleshoot requirements,” said Kephart. ThousandEyes generates detailed visibility into one’s VoIP network among branches or across the LAN to help optimize performance. With the platform, businesses can correlate voice performance measurements with underlying network health to clearly pinpoint where and why performance varies. The platform also enables enterprises to quickly see how infrastructure issues affect voice performance by tracking mean opinion score, delays and jitter. And with the path visualization, it’s easy to trace the specific path topologies of one’s voice traffic and locate networks that are experiencing loss or latency. “In essence, we are tracing and tracking how to get from the user to the application, which segments link them together. After all, the routing underneath it all is what determines how we move across the network,” said Kephart.

Having complete network visibility helps businesses get smarter data and make smarter decisions. With ThousandEyes, enterprises not only get visibility from within but also across all segments, offering them with clear insights on all issues and helping solve problems that impact the business.

To learn more about how ThousandEyes can benefit enterprises and help improve network visibility and resilience, please visit ThousandEyes’ website.

About ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes, Inc. is a network monitoring company based in San Francisco, California. The company offers a Software-as-Service (SaaS) platform that monitors network infrastructure, tracks application delivery, and optimizes internet performance. Founded in 2010, ThousandEyes is trusted by top global software companies in the world.

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