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​TruSignal Pioneers First-of-its-Kind Access to Consumer Insights in New Self-Serve Audience Targeting Platform

TruSignal, the leading provider of predictive scoring and people-based audiences for digital advertising, announces the debut of its TruAudience® Platform. The self-serve platform includes numerous modules that allow marketers to review hundreds of consumer insights, and leverage predictive scoring to build more efficient and effective custom audiences and deploy them across DMPs, DSPs and media partners.

Marketers can test drive the platform’s Insights module and view consumer insights at no cost by setting up a trial account. The Insights module provides a risk-free way for marketers to better understand their existing consumers or anonymous website visitors by tapping into the breadth, depth and power of offline data in a safe, easy-to-use and transparent interface.

Through a secure server, marketers upload a sample file of customers from their first-party data, or place a pixel on any website with appropriate notice and choice disclosures. The platform hashes and encrypts the first-party data during the upload process, so no personally identifiable information (PII) is stored. In about 20 minutes, the TruAudience® Platform cross-references the sample file against TruSignal’s massive offline data set to create more than 30 summarized consumer insights reports. Consumer insights cover multiple data categories, including audience demographics, financial health, auto ownership, political affiliation, purchase history, interests and more.

The TruAudience® Platform has already gained traction amongst an elite group of early brand adopters. NinthDecimal used its own data file to access valuable offline data insights about their customer base.
“We’ve found the TruAudience® Platform to be an incredibly valuable tool for enhancing NinthDecimal’s understanding of consumers through the combination of a precise location derived audience matched to TruSignal’s rich offline data set,” said Greg Archibald, Chief Revenue Officer of NinthDecimal. “The insights gleaned from the TruAudience® Platform help us further expand our understanding of audiences and deliver richer targeting and insights to the brands we work with. This platform showcases the importance of TruSignal’s unique approach to predictive scoring and custom-built audiences.”

The TruAudience® Platform also includes self-serve access to predictive modeling, customized audience creation and audience distribution capabilities – the core building blocks for Predictive Score Marketing. In just a few clicks, marketers can cross-reference their first-party data with TruSignal’s offline consumer data to activate TruSignal’s predictive scoring engine. This combination of data and sophisticated technology brings the power of Predictive Score Marketing to life, allowing marketers to model, create and deploy custom, people-based audiences to improve targeting accuracy and efficiency.

The TruAudience® Platform utilizes the same underlying process and technology that TruSignal uses to create its flagship people-based custom audiences. Using a first-party data sample, the platform analyzes thousands of data attributes per profile to identify the common characteristics of a brand’s best customers. Through this analysis, TruSignal’s predictive scoring engine builds a custom predictive model to score 220 million U.S. adults and determine who is likely to become a customer and who is not. Brands leverage these scores to efficiently and effectively target their digital advertising.

“For the first time, the TruAudience® Platform puts the power of Predictive Score Marketing at a marketer’s fingertips,” said Pete LaFond, vice president of marketing at TruSignal. “The platform leverages extensive and comprehensive offline data, far beyond what’s available with first-party data and online sources alone. The platform is unlike anything in the marketplace because it provides marketers with transparency into the data that is used, and delivers the power of sophisticated predictive modeling, audience creation and cross-channel deployment in a fraction of the time it normally takes.”

Through the new platform’s self-serve interface, marketers have the autonomy to choose which scores to activate, based on marketing objectives. Marketers can use the highest scores to target valuable prospects, use the lowest scores as a filter to avoid targeting those consumers unlikely to convert, and even use the full score range to influence programmatic bidding. After creating a custom audience, marketers can select specific DMPs, DSPs and media partners to activate the audience. The TruAudience® Platform leverages TruSignal’s more than 200 integration points to deploy audiences across leading platforms.

Marketers at brands, agencies and platforms can explore the platform at

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