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​TruSignal and LiveRamp Deepen Integration to Optimize Bid Price Decisioning

TruSignal, a leading provider of predictive scoring and people-based audiences for digital marketing, announced a deeper strategic integration with LiveRamp, an Acxiom® company and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution. The integration will deliver an innovative bidding optimization solution leveraging LiveRamp’s IdentityLink solution and TruSignal’s Bid Price OptimizerTM. People-based, data-informed decisions on bid requests create an opportunity for marketers to improve performance for their budgets and offer better content experiences for consumers as they visit their favorite publishers.

TruSignal’s Bid Price OptimizerTM uses offline data and predictive modeling to calculate a score that represents an individual user’s likelihood to convert for a specific brand. Through TruSignal and LiveRamp’s integration, IdentityLink enables (Demand Side Platforms) DSPs to access predictive scores as data points in their decision algorithms.

Bid Price OptimizerTM is an innovative addition to the digital advertising industry, providing value to brands, platforms, publishers and consumers. Using TruSignal’s Bid Price OptimizerTM, brands and platforms can leverage offline CRM data to improve algorithmic decision making, resulting in higher return on advertising spending (ROAS), and delivering more relevant content to consumers.

“Bid Price Optimizer utilizes offline data and predictive scoring unlike others in the industry. DSPs already leverage online behavioral data to make smarter decisions. Adding this ability to analyze impressions at the people-based level, based upon an individual’s offline propensity score is a game changer,” said David Dowhan, president of TruSignal. “The integration with LiveRamp IdentityLink provides the backbone and privacy-compliant digital connection for TruSignal to distribute predictive scores and smarter decisions for every impression in real-time.”

“TruSignal’s ability to inject offline data to inform decisions for real-time bidding is a breakthrough opportunity for marketers,” said Travis May, LiveRamp president and general manager. “We believe that the world is moving towards using more and more data in real time, and we’re excited for marketers to see higher ROI on their campaigns.”

In its beta testing, Bid Price OptimizerTM drove impressive results for brand direct and agency clients, including increasing engagement rates by up to 45 percent and decreasing cost per acquisition by 18 percent by making more accurate and efficient bid decisions.

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