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Taykey can flag inappropriate content for brands in real time

Pepsi ought to pay attention to this.

Real-time audience data company Taykey has figured out how to instantly flag problems with inappropriate content for brands and ad buyers. This tool would likely have figured out quickly that things weren’t going well for Pepsi’s controversial Kendall Jenner ad.

And when it does figure out that something doesn’t smell right, Taykey warns its customers not to place ads in the controversial content, effectively blacklisting the content. Taykey’s TrendPulse responds to programmatic buyers’ rising demand for inventory quality, relevance, and safety by opening programmatic access to its Trend Advertising product via The Trade Desk and AppNexus.

These integrations act like a “virtual” private exchange, allowing trading desks and other programmatic buyers to use Taykey’s real-time trend data to identify relevant and quality environments with web link-level precision, but without the limited scale, complexity, and high cost that typically burden traditional private exchange approaches.

Taykey’s expanded programmatic offering comes amid lingering brand safety challenges for buyers and continuing difficulty in aligning campaigns with relevant content in a world of rapidly shifting audience interests. Buyers have attempted to solve this challenge via private exchanges, but such solutions have lacked scale and the ability to adapt in real time due to their largely manual approach.

Taykey Trend Advertising uses real-time trends for specific audiences to inform ad placements, eliminating the guesswork typically associated with identifying the appropriate context for display and video campaigns. Audience trends are validated using data from across leading social platforms and thousands of publishers. As an additional safety layer, Taykey’s Dynamic Blacklisting feature analyzes the sentiment of every trend and goes beyond simple exclusions to block content with negative or controversial sentiment.

“Today, programmatic buyers don’t have the right tools to pinpoint and target quality, relevant content in real time and at significant scale,” said Amit Avner, founder and CEO of Taykey, in a statement. “With Taykey’s push into programmatic, we are continuing to deliver on our vision of enabling a Prime Time advertising experience across today’s massively fragmented media landscape. We look forward to providing programmatic buyers with the opportunity to apply our data to reach their audiences during moments of peak engagement at significant scale.”

Here’s how it works. Taykey’s technology scans social networks and thousands of popular websites to understand what’s trending for specific audiences. Taykey’s Trend Advertising platform then identifies hundreds of specific articles and videos directly related to trending content in order to maximize relevance. The platform’s sentiment detection capability also allows Taykey to exclude negative or controversial trends as an additional safety layer.

Buyers using The Trade Desk and AppNexus can now simply check a box to access pre-defined audience segments or customize their audience definition in Taykey’s platform. From there, Taykey identifies hundreds of relevant articles and videos for the audience and automatically sends these URLs to the platforms for targeting. URL lists continue to update in real time as audience interests change.

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