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Skyhigh Networks brings security features to Cisco Spark​

Skyhigh Networks has wrapped its security services around Cisco Spark, to bolster data security for users of the collaboration platform.
The integration, included under Cisco's ProPack for Cisco Spark Control Hub product, offers Skyhigh Networks' data loss prevention, threat protection, activity monitoring, and rights management services to meet compliance requirements and provide business protection, while allowing users to collaborate fully with Cisco Spark's abilities to make VoIP calls and share files.

“With Cisco Spark, IT teams have access to a powerful collaboration platform that employees love," Jens Meggers, senior vice president and general manager for Cisco's cloud collaboration business, said. "We are excited to work with Skyhigh Networks to ensure companies can secure sensitive data and enforce policies on the Cisco Spark platform. Companies using Cisco Spark and Skyhigh get the best of both worlds: great user experiences and security.”

Skyhigh for Cisco Spark allows the IT department to extend their existing security policies to messages and files on the platform, including data loss prevention policies related to keywords, structured or unstructured fingerprints and data identifiers.

Any data uploaded to Cisco Spark can be audited and deleted if it's considered damaging, and administrators can also track user activity, identifying whether one particular user is using Cisco Spark maliciously, for example, and blocking access if need be.

The Skyhigh integration is available on Cisco Spark's web-based client as well as Android, iOS and desktop apps, with administrators able to impose policies based on the user's device, data and location.

“Cisco Spark is an important addition to the key portfolio of cloud services used by business users across devices and locations,” added Anand Ramanathan, vice president of product management at Skyhigh Networks.

“Skyhigh enables IT and security teams to consistently enforce security and compliance controls across all their SaaS, PaaS and IaaS applications, including Cisco Spark. We’re thrilled to integrate with another industry-leading cloud solution to protect corporate data, while providing employees with the freedom to use cloud services that drive productivity and collaboration.”

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