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​PlanGrid Announces Several Upgrades and Software Integrations

When construction companies initially started to adopt mobile technologies like tablets and smartphones, there was a race between many construction technology companies to be the future leader in the area. As the years rolled on, it became less and less likely that one app was going to be the end-all-be-all, like AutoCAD became in the architectural design world. There’s not one app out there right now that provides every single function that a construction company needs, because each company is very unique. The solution? Integration.

Construction apps are starting to play nice with each other and it’s a huge win for the industry. Procore understood this and have since opened their Construction OS platform to encourage more integration with other apps. PlanGrid has just announced that they’re not only expanding their integration offerings on their Partner Ecosystem, but they’re also releasing several enhancements with their flagship mobile application.

Among PlanGrid’s announced upgrades are One-Tap Navigation, Faster Sheet Publishing, Push Notifications, and Mobile 360 Degree Photos.

One-Tap Navigation

Moving from double-tap to single-tap seems like a small upgrade, but allows for a much cleaner experience, especially on touch devices. This functionality is currently available on iOS, but it’s coming soon to Android, as well.

Faster Sheet Publishing

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for your documents to load, it kills your momentum and keeps you from working on other tasks. PlanGrid is promising 10 times faster sheet publishing with their update that’s scheduled to be released across all platforms over the next 3 weeks.

The update will not only help speed, but it also offers improved accuracy on title block detection and offers bulk editing actions.

Push Notifications

Having a system to upload documents is great, but if nobody knows the documents have been updated, they don’t really do much good. Searching through many folders looking for updates is also a huge waste of time. Over the next two weeks, PlanGrid customers will have the ability to send app notifications automatically to relevant team members when new documents are uploaded.

Mobile 360 Degree Photos

One of our recent guest blogs discussed how 360 degree images take construction documentation to the next level and I have to say I agree. It’s so frustrating trying to sift through hundreds of photos looking for the one you need and the information you’re looking for is just out of frame. With 360 degree photos, everything is in context, so you know exactly what room you’re in and what you’re looking at. PlanGrid’s 360 Photo abilities are available to use now across all mobile platforms.

*Software Integrations

PlanGrid is offering integration with 4 new apps to keep the apps that your company uses available in one place. Integration between different apps is a great way to truly harness all of the data and documentation your company is gathering. Among the new app integrations are CMiC, Dronomy, EarthCam, and eSUB.

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