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Numerify unveils system of intelligence for IT™


SAN JOSE, Calif., October 10, 2017 — Numerify, a cloud analytics solutions company focused on business analytics for IT leaders, today announced its complete suite of analytical applications that enable IT organizations to understand and optimize the full range of Plan-Build-Run activities. Traditional approaches rely on siloed data sets and rudimentary analytics, which can impede an organization’s ability to deliver rapid innovation and a consumer-grade experience while still controlling costs.

Coming on the heels of the company’s recent software development analytics (SDA) application announcement, Numerify’s new system of intelligence includes broadened source system coverage to help IT leaders drive maximum value from their investments across people, processes, and projects. Numerify now supports a wide range of sources including IT systems like ServiceNow®, BMC®, Atlassian Jira®, Microsoft®, CA®, AppDynamics®, New Relic®, Splunk®, and HP®; HR systems of record such as Workday®; and contact center systems like Cisco® and Avaya®, among others.

With Numerify, business leaders can access an unprecedented collection of pre-built analyses and best-practice solution areas that span project management, software development, IT operations, and service and asset management. For example, Numerify offers unique insights into resource productivity and workloads, enabling IT leaders to make data-driven decisions around balancing resources across run and build activities as well as employees versus contractors.

Numerify can also help customers anticipate and prevent adverse events such as outages through built-in machine learning models. In this instance, Numerify computes transactional risk scores for in-process changes as well as provides insights that enable process and organizational improvements. These models are prepackaged and easily configurable, unlike build-your-own approaches that require advanced and expensive data science expertise.

“After our initial success driving process efficiencies across IT service management, we are excited to further expand our use of Numerify’s IT Business Analytics suite beyond the ‘run’ side of IT,” said Ben Sapp, Director of IT Service Management at Cardinal Health. “With this expansion we will now have visibility into IT labor spend across the build and run continuum, allowing us to balance resource allocation, optimize vendor spend, and improve resource utilization in each part of the organization. This new capability will enable us to validate that actual labor spend aligns to the budgets set by our FP&A organization. Finally, we will be able to provide centralized visibility into the fully loaded cost of key IT applications and infrastructure.”

“We are delighted to unveil the Numerify system of intelligence for IT™, which provides a way for modern IT organizations to measure and manage the full sweep of their plan, build, and run activities with numbers they can trust,” said Gaurav Rewari, Co-Founder and CEO of Numerify. “Deployed in weeks rather than months or years, Numerify’s pre-built applications harmonize data across IT’s multiple systems of record to deliver actionable insights, predictions, and automation opportunities for IT operations, service management, application development, and project management functions. Ultimately, this enables a data-driven IT organization that is aligned with the business and able to swiftly respond to the opportunities and threats of tomorrow.”

About Numerify
Numerify provides IT leaders with a comprehensive system of intelligence for end-to-end visibility into their Plan-Build-Run activities. The suite of analytical applications span project planning, software development, and service and asset management. The company’s cloud-based platform includes full data orchestration, IT-specific business models, and a complete spectrum of analytical capabilities. Numerify provides IT business analytics applications to leading organizations, including companies ranked in the top 5 across 10 major industries. For more information, visit or follow @numerify.

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