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​Introducing the Base Snap Marketplace

Since Base’s inception, customers and integration partners have been expanding the benefits of Base across their organizations using the Snap API toolkit. Today, we’re excited to announce we’re increasing visibility into these existing solutions with the launch of our brand new Snap Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for Base integrations!

The Snap Marketplace connects our customers and prospects to 35+ “plug-and-play” Base integrations. These integrations can be installed with the click of a button to immediately extend the benefits of Base’s all-in-one sales platform into all corners of the sales process including quoting, billing, analytics, customer support and marketing automation.

Current integration partners include:
– Dropbox
– Facebook
– HubSpot
– MailChimp
– Marketo
– Paycove
– PieSync
– Slack
– Wishpond
– Zendesk

“As we continue to grow our enterprise customer base, we’re encountering very specific processes and complex integration needs,” said Base CEO and Co-Founder Uzi Shmilovici. “We’ve invested significantly in high quality, seamless integrations with companies like Zendesk and Hubspot. The marketplace is the first time we’re really exposing these to the public and in turn demonstrating the full extent of Base’s capabilities.”

You can also expect to see additional integrations launched in the marketplace on a regular basis, in addition to new products like Paycove being built directly on top of the Base platform. “Base’s API is extremely well-documented and easy to work with,” says Rich Hankinson, CTO of Peritus whose Paycove invoicing solution is built specifically for Base customers. “You know that when you choose to work with Base, you are future-proofing your integration.”

To visit the Snap Marketplace, go here. For more information about how to become a Snap partner or leverage these integrations for your business, contact us or drop us a line in the comments below!

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