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Instart Logic’s business momentum accelerated in FY17 -- Bookings tripled third year in a row

Palo Alto, CA — February 15, 2017 — Instart Logic, a next generation technology company making the digital world faster, more reliable and more secure, today announced accelerated momentum across major aspects of its business. In FY17, concluded on January 31st, 2017, the company’s bookings more than tripled for the third year in a row. Additionally, the company added a record 10+ deals worth over one million dollars each, and added 60 new enterprise customers, including Walgreens, Edmunds, AirAsia, and TechStyle (JustFab).

New products launched in 2016 included AppShield Ad Integrity, a breakthrough solution that circumvents ad blockers so web publishers and e-commerce companies can recover billions of dollars of ad revenue currently being lost to ad blocking technology. Ad Integrity was introduced quietly to the market nine months ago and is already unblocking over three billion ad impressions per month. Over 70 website properties -- one in the comScore Top 5, three in the comScore Top 15 and 20 in the comScore Top 100 -- have signed on for Ad Integrity, and web publishers have recovered over $30 million in ad revenue. Ad Integrity has the powerful and unique ability to unblock every type of advertising, including display, native, sponsored content and pre-roll/mid-roll video -- no other ad unblocking solution can do this.

Instart Logic’s Q4 and FY17 results underscore the continued and rapid rise in demand for its cloud-based endpoint-aware application delivery solution. In other news today, Instart Logic announced its “Application Services Platform” with enhanced machine learning and automation capabilities, and a revolutionary new business model designed to accelerate the company’s disruption of the $10 billion content and application delivery market.

Manav Mital, CEO and founder of Instart Logic, said, “We had an absolute breakout fiscal year and I couldn’t be more thrilled with our business momentum. Market acceptance for Instart Logic’s modern cloud-based Application Services Platform continues to grow exponentially. We have reached an inflection point in the maturity of the solution. This fact, combined with the legacy content delivery network market -- one ripe for disruption, as competitors have failed to innovate or keep pace with the move to the cloud -- is allowing us to significantly accelerate our growth rate. We are now in a position where we regularly beat Akamai in competitive sales situations. In FY17 we closed 5X more enterprise deals over the prior year.”

Mital continued, “We also announced today that going forward we will be charging only for value delivered, and providing our CDN solution at cost. It’s a strong testament to the fact that pure transport and delivery has become commoditized. We believe customers shouldn’t pay for this commodity - instead they should only pay for value created through improved performance. We are so confident in our technology that we will guarantee to improve a customer's page load speed by at least 20 percent over any incumbent CDN vendor, including Akamai. Instart Logic’s unique architecture provides a robust platform upon which many value-added services can be built and delivered, without requiring customers to make any changes to their applications, or to download any software to end user devices. We call this the ‘power of the platform’ -- deploy once and leverage for a variety of use cases to generate a variety of new revenue.”

Additional product and feature innovations launched in FY17, in addition to Ad Integrity, included:

  • AppSpeed Mobile Application Acceleration service, with an unprecedented performance guarantee to increase the speed of customers’ native mobile apps by at least 20 percent. New performance and analytics features added to the product included support for HTTP/2, image optimizations and enterprise caching.
  • As part of the AppSpeed portfolio, Multi-page Predictive Prefetching observes where users land, models common flows from a given landing page, identifies static elements shared across potential pages, and pushes the common resources to the browser, enabling much faster loading of subsequent pages to provide a better user experience.
  • A revolutionary new set of security innovations launched under the company’s existing AppShield product aimed at protecting the integrity of web applications against bots. The offering, already deployed across many customers, protects applications from revenue loss via malicious bots, while improving performance for legitimate users.

Instart Logic continued to execute on its strategy to build out a select ecosystem of high-value partners. Revenue driven through valuable existing strategic partnerships such as Dyn, Verisign and ChinaCache continued to grow at 3X a year, and the company onboarded many new enterprise customers through these and other partners.

New strategic partnerships in FY17 included:

  • Oracle Cloud Marketplace: providing Oracle Cloud Services customers with scalable solutions for performance and security.
  • IBM Ready for Commerce: in order to help retail client accelerate the performance of their ecommerce platforms, Instart Logic completed the rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM Commerce on Cloud.
  • Demandware: a leading cloud-based e-commerce platform.
  • Blue Triangle Technologies: a website performance management and monitoring solution that predicts and quantifies the impact webpage speed has on revenue and conversion rates.

Adding to the momentum and providing strong external validation of the company’s leadership position, recently Business Insider, the No. 1 business publication in the United States based on traffic, included the company on its list of the “51 enterprise startups to bet your career on in 2017.” The introduction to the story said, “All of these companies are ‘enterprise’ startups, meaning they specialize in making tech for work and business use, which is a $3.4 trillion worldwide market. All of them had a spectacular 2016, launching new technology, getting a boatload of funding or landing big partnerships, and generally setting themselves up for a successful 2017 and beyond.

Other recognition for Instart Logic includes:

About the Instart Logic Application Services Platform

Instart Logic’s Application Services Platform is the world’s first endpoint-aware application delivery solution. It’s a disruptive way to accelerate and secure web and mobile applications, delivering an unprecedented degree of performance, security and control. The core technology innovations, driven by 80+ patents, include machine learning, application awareness and client control via a thin JavaScript virtualization layer called the Nanovisor.

Instart Logic’s “Application Services Platform” modules include:

  • CDN, a full-featured global content delivery network that enables scale, uptime, and superior user experience through caching, network level optimizations, and support for standards.
  • AppSpeed, which guarantees at least a 20% improvement in web, mobile web and mobile native app performance by accelerating all code, content, and third-party elements inside an application.
  • AppShield, which protects revenue by preserving the security and integrity of applications along the entire delivery path, and includes features like next-generation Web Application Firewall, DDoS attack mitigation, and Bot detection/mitigation. The AppShield module includes Ad Integrity, a breakthrough approach for unblocking the ad blockers to regain lost revenue.
  • AppFlex, which empowers enterprises to move at the speed of business by providing a highly responsive service enabled by a DevOps approach, public APIs, self-service portal and real-time analytics.

About Instart Logic

Instart Logic is the world’s first endpoint-aware application delivery solution making applications lightning fast, secure, and easy to operate. Instart Logic’s platform combines machine learning, virtualization, and open APIs with a content delivery network (CDN) for global delivery. Using Instart Logic, enterprises can provide ultra-fast, visually immersive and secure experiences on any device to maximize revenue, deliver superior customer experiences and gain competitive advantage. Instart Logic is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Four Rivers Group, Geodesic Capital, Greylock Partners, Hermes Growth Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sutter Hill Ventures, Telstra Ventures, Tenaya Capital, Wing Venture Capital and several notable Silicon Valley angel investors. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter at @InstartLogic.

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