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​Edmodo Announces New Content Marketplace For Educators and Single Sign-On Tool for Schools and Districts at ISTE 2015

-Edmodo, the K-12 global education network, today announced at ISTE 2015, the premier education technology conference, Edmodo Spotlight, a content marketplace for educators. Designed to empower teachers, Edmodo Spotlight enables the collection, sharing, and discovery of valuable educational resources to improve student learning.

With a user-friendly interface, Edmodo Spotlight allows educators to share helpful resources, review resources from all over the web, curate collections of their favorites, and sell and purchase original material from educator peers, as well as from third-party publishers. The ability to search by grade level, subject, resource type and price point makes it quick and easy to find specific types of resources, saving teachers time. In addition to educators, parents can also access resources for their respective child’s learning pathway.

“Content creation and discovery are crucial components to redefining learning in the 21st century,” said Vibhu Mittal, chief executive officer of Edmodo. “The ways in which teachers and students interact with content have the potential to make a significant difference in our ability to build and recommend better adaptive learning tools that actually impact learning outcomes. On Edmodo, we see millions of videos and pieces of content being shared every day. Our goal with Edmodo Spotlight is two-fold: to provide teachers the opportunity to share their original content, and to better sort educational resources in a crowd-sourced fashion, so that the best materials are surfaced and used in the right way to advance student learning.”

“The ability to surface educational content within the Edmodo platform makes my life easier as opposed to searching elsewhere online for information,” said Christi Collins of Wise County Schools. “Edmodo Spotlight allows teachers to do what they already do with Edmodo -- inspire each other and collaborate. It’s so helpful to utilize resources that have been vetted by fellow teachers, and it provides another dimension of credibility I can trust.”

For schools and districts, Edmodo also unveiled Edmodo Sync, a single sign-on and student information system (SIS) integration solution that streamlines bringing teachers and students onto Edmodo. Designed to simplify the implementation and rollout process, Edmodo Sync securely updates credentials and enables teachers and students to log in with their existing usernames and passwords. This capability provides automatic rostering and account provisioning, in addition to support for any student information system, including PowerSchool, Skyward, Aeries, and Infinite Campus. Edmodo Sync also makes it easy for districts to align their best practices with student engagement and achievement through detailed district, school, and teacher-level insights and analytics.

“In our conversations with district leaders, one key challenge we kept hearing was the administrative burden associated with onboarding education technology across schools,” said Adam Seldow, head of sales and customer success at Edmodo. “With less focus on logistical tasks, administrators and school leaders have more time to spend focusing on important matters, such as teacher professional development and edtech training.”

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