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​Base and Zendesk Enter Strategic Partnership to Help Businesses Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Base, the all-in-one sales platform, announced today a strategic partnership with Zendesk, which builds software for better customer relationships. The partnership combines Base’s sales force automation platform with Zendesk’s customer service tools to deliver the first integrated, modern customer experience software stack.

As part of the partnership, shared customers will see a deeper product integration that supports a seamless customer journey, cross-department analytics and customer experience thought leadership reflected in joint go-to-market efforts.

Legacy CRMs require reps and agents to focus on completing administrative tasks rather than satisfying customers. In addition, these CRMs fill functionality gaps with expensive add-ons that create disjointed user experiences and data siloes, and are costly to maintain.

By contrast, Base and Zendesk were built for productivity. Both provide intuitive design, native communication tools and automated data collection that enable reps and agents to devote their attention to prospects and customers. Where legacy vendors impose API restrictions, both Base and Zendesk offer robust, flexible APIs that allow customers to create a tailored customer experience stack that maps to their unique business processes. This is all done at a lower total cost of ownership and quicker time to value compared to legacy systems.

The existing Base and Zendesk integration lays the foundation for this partnership. The integration provides rep visibility into support activity within Base and, in turn, makes sales data visible within Zendesk. This full account context enables sales and support to collaborate more effectively and deliver coherent customer experiences.

Among the companies currently using the Base and Zendesk integration is home loan education platform Mortgage Coach. Effectively surfacing ticket information in Base aligns Mortgage Coach’s sales and support teams, as well as saves Director of IT and QA Support Services Jacob Gibbs two hours a week previously spent tracking down and relaying ticket information to the sales and management teams. “The Base and Zendesk integration is seamless and was up and running in minutes, ultimately saving my team countless hours of data duplication and allowing exposure of customer interactions in a controlled and measurable fashion,” tells Gibbs.

“Companies have suffered with the poor user experience, platform limitations and outrageous costs of Salesforce and other legacy CRM solutions for too long,” says Uzi Shmilovici, CEO and Co-founder of Base. “With this strategic alliance, Base and Zendesk have reimagined the way that sales and support teams can work together by providing organizations with an extensible, end-to-end customer experience stack.”

“It is more important than ever that the modern business looks holistically at the entire customer journey,” said Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk. “Base and Zendesk are incredibly aligned when it comes to helping organizations of all types, around the world, build meaningful connections between the brand and the customer through a seamless, flexible, best-of-breed solution. We are excited to be partnering together.”

To learn more about the Base and Zendesk partnership or start experiencing the benefits of sales and support integration, go here.

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