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​Acquia Cloud Integration Targets Smoother DevOps Environments

Acquia today updated its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud-hosting Drupal environment with an integration designed to support a continuous delivery environment, faster development and better quality code.

The Boston-based digital experience software provider released the AcquiaCloud CD, an integration with its Acquia Cloud. Officials promised this will keep developers testing and designing in the Acquia Cloud, as it eliminates the need to jump in and out of standalone continuous integration tools.

One Cloud Environment For All Testing

The Acquia Cloud CD integration will bring velocity and better code consistency, according to Christopher Stone, Acquia's Chief Products Officer.

"They don't have to exit the cloud in order to go do a build and come back and integrate it," Stone told CMSWire in an interview. "It's integrated for them into one seamless shared environment within your cloud."

In a video demo, an Acquia Cloud user was able to create a new testing environment within the Acquia Cloud in a few clicks. Stone said the new capabilities "turbocharges DevOps capabilities."

Continuous Integration

Acquia officials also said the all-in-one development environment eliminates the hardships of maintaining and supporting local environments. Internal developers, contractors and partners can coordinate collaboration, govern security and delivery management.

Acquia Cloud CD is designed to help developers:

  • Implement continuous integration and delivery with Acquia Cloud
  • Orchestrate code assembling and testing with CD pipelines
  • Run controlled and secure building on one platform
  • Govern builds and artifacts with Github and private repository support
  • Automate testing and static analysis of build artifacts

"You can literally push one button in the on-demand environment," Stone told CMSWire, who added the capabilities have a "huge impact" on developers and allow companies to "get to market faster."

High Grades in Cloud-Hosting

Cloud-hosting capabilities have recently come under close watch by digital experience analysts. Forrester named Acquia a leader in its most recent Wave report on web content management and gave it high marks above fellow leaders for its cloud-hosting.

Forrester rankings and research show a preference for PaaS deployments, which provide application development and deployment tools abstracted from the underlying cloud infrastructure on which they run your apps.

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