Kodiak Networks

Kodiak Networks provides wireless operators with a comprehensive mobile solutions portfolio proven to increase revenue, promote group-based communications, and improve customer loyalty and retention.

The Kodiak Connected Portfolio is comprised of mobile solutions targeted at Business and Consumer segments; an integrated mobile applications suite; and client-based, clientless, and downloadable/pre-loadable user interfaces for open OS and embedded devices.

The Portfolio components are based on the Kodiak Real-Time Exchange (RTX), a flexible, standard-based, multi-generational IMS compliant platform, which easily scales from independent operators to multinational carriers utilizing 2G or 3G networks.

Contact info

  1. Tenaya - San Francisco Bay Area

    2965 Woodside Rd
    Suite A

    Woodside, California 94062

    Phone: 650-687-6500

  2. Tenaya - Boston Area

    1000 Winter Street, North Entrance
    Suite 1010

    Waltham, Massachusetts 02451

    Phone: 781-663-0220

  3. Tenaya - General Inquiries